When 40% or more of tooth structure is missing due to decay, fracture, or failure of an older restoration, a “crown” or “onlay” is necessary to restore the health, function and appearance of the tooth. These restorations are usually custom-fitted ceramics constructed outside of the mouth. The crown or onlay is then bonded over and onto the remaining tooth structure to return the tooth to full form and function.

We are thrilled to offer same-day restorations! No more goop in your mouth, as we now capture the impression using a CEREC digital video scanner. No more temporary crown to wear (and have fall off) for two weeks while we wait for your crown to be delivered from a lab. You only have to get numbed once, and you leave that same day with your definitive restoration cemented in your mouth! It is a pretty neat process, and thus far, our patients have enjoyed watching as we meticulously design and mill your tooth right in front of you! We are able to be more conservative in our preparation design, and offer quality on par or superior to that we achieve when working with a dental lab. We would be happy to show you how the process works, whether or not you need a crown, next time you are in – just ask us!

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